Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dead Links 2.0

We're proud to announce the second edition of Dead Links, our free thriller. It's much the same as the old one, but with some minor changes. Some typos have been fixed, and the text has been changed to single-space, which makes it a bit shorter. The email address has also been changed to, which will be my permanent email address.

The biggest change is that I put in a new chapter, Chapter 7 for those who want to check it out. It's a chapter I always regretted cutting out of the first edition. It tells what really happened to Quincy Meddick. I cut it in a fit of editorial fever, where I was cutting out a lot of the original draft, but this one change was a mistake, in my opinion. Not only is it the first of the "murders," but from a technical standpoint, I think it's an important chapter because it takes away the question of what happened to Quincy Meddick. That way, the reader can focus on the larger mystery, and not what is really a red herring for Amanda Katt. If you've read the novel before, I suggest reading that missing chapter, a "deleted scene," if you will. If you haven't read it before, now's a great time to start.