Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Adventures of Couch Potato

The next novel release by Platypi Publishing is finally here. Check out The Adventures of Couch Potato. It's about a superhero, but there are no illustrations. I'm working with an artist to release a version with illustrations, but that will most likely be a print version for sale. In the meantime, use your imagination.

Couch Potato is a labor of love for me. He was created ten years ago in a fit of passion; I can't draw, so a comic book is out of the question. I wrote it as a novel, but no one would buy the novel because there wasn't much of a market for non-illustrated superhero stories. Nowadays, there are X-Men and Spider-man novels, but publishers are still skittish about producing novels for new characters. I think Couch Potato deserves an audience.

The adventures in this book are only the tip of the iceberg. I have a book of plot ideas and stories that I want to tell with him, and plan to make a series. I'm already halfway through his next book, Couch Potato Returns.

I'm very excited to reveal to the world of Couch Potato. You'll meet Bobby Gordon and Rhonda Richmond, witness the terror unleashed by Groundhog Man and Darth Elvis, and see William Shatner as you've never seen him before. Check it out. Love him or hate him, I guarantee you've never seen a hero like Couch Potato.